Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring flowers

It's sunny outside today as well. It's chillier than yesterday so in a way the weather looks better than it feels. But even if the temperature will be dropping the next days there are more and more signs of spring. I saw one sure sign of spring (or late winter) in the morning paper: potato season has officially begun.

The guy I work for isn't in that crazy race to be the first one to plant a row of potatoes, though, so I'm guessing we've got a couple of weeks or so, depending on the weather, before we've got work. I've written about this last year, what we do and what the machines look like. You can read that here. Still haven't shown pics from the harvest, as promised, but now that I saw the news article, I feel maybe it's about time to think about writing a post on the subject...

Today, however, I won't bore you with potatoes. Today I've just got a couple of flower pics from last Friday to show. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Hi! I read about your work in the potato fields. It was very interesting to learn about all the hard work done and the cultivation methods used before having the potatoes on your plate.
    Lovely flower shots! I can't identify the last one. Is it a hyacinth?

    1. Thanks! That last one's a scilla. I believe they're also called squill in english. (If you search the blog there should be a pic from last year where you can see it in full bloom.)

    2. Ok, it is a scilla. I just didn't know they have big leaves. They are so beautiful.

    3. Yea, I think the photo might be a bit deceptive. Because the buds are so tiny and the stalk so short, the leaves look huge. They'de feel much more slender and delicate had the flower been full grown.


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