Monday, 12 March 2012

Glow-in-the-dark bead fun

As I've mentioned before I've got a childish fascination with glow-in-the-dark beads. And after having seen this project, I came to think of GITD Hama beads and what if I could use that technique and those beads for something... The lightbulb moment came months ago, but it was just yesterday that I got some cheap beads and was ready to realise my idea. And here's the result.

The beads are cut and then put on the thin cables, one bead for each light. The result is a "double" light garland that is either lit up by the LED lights or glows in the dark (as long as the bead "charge" lasts). I couldn't get any pics of what it looks like in the dark so I made this illustration based on one of the photos:

Nice, huh? My very own little night sky. Now, if I could only charge the beads enough for the "stars" to shine a little longer so I could enjoy it a bit more every night...

(Just remembered: this isn't my first indoor night sky project: when my sis and I had to repaint the corridor between our bedrooms, we painted a silhouette landscape and used glow-in-the-dark paint to illuminate the sky with stars. We used real constellations as templates so you can find e.g. Orion and the Big Dipper on the ceiling and walls, but not in the right place in corelation to one another.)

UPDATE: There's a step-by-step tut at my other blog available now. You'll find it here.


Talking about home decór projects, why not take a look on my new makeshift lampshade? It really is just something I threw together, something to make the lightbulb feel less naked and austere until I can come up with an idea of a proper lampshade. One that doesn't include fluffy pale pink tulle because I may be a romantic but I don't like girly pink and frilly stuff like that.

If you take a really dark photo it can look quite spooky:


  1. Lovely! I wanna do glow in the dark things too now. Something fun to do with the children I bet. Panduro here I come! Panduro is the Swedish equivalent of Michaels or HobbyLobby for anyone who might wonder. :)

  2. Wow this looks nice! To make it glow at night is a good idea. Thank you for your kind words about our cat. She is now recovering from her surgery and is herself again.

  3. Try and buy a round light bulb and your lamp will look really expensive!

  4. Now I want to see this silhouette landscape you talked about, lol!
    I love seeing other people's creative ideas. Glad it's not just me that tries many varieties of crazy stuff. :P
    I'm slowly working my way through all your pages. I'm finding it really interesting. I recognize and praise your skills. :)

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