Thursday, 8 March 2012

Twin bead update

I'm being a very prolific blogger this week. Today I just wanted to write a short note, showing this tweaked version of the twin bead "flower" I showed in this post. As we're talking very small be you can see the piece in more of a natural scale below.

Adding 15/0 seeds to the inner circle too make a huge difference. Much more even and the design just generally looks more even and well made. Even in this unflattering photo it looks so much better than before. Compare with the first version below.

Need I say more? I liked the pentagon shape in the first version, but it just didn't look good. With the right colours and worked into a bigger motif/design it might still work. Haven't tried that yet. But all in all I think the new version is an improvement.

And now I just have to make something with these little motifs. Just don't hold your breaths, I've got several projects that I need to finish first so it'll take some time before I can present a finished piece of work...


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