Saturday, 24 March 2012

Greenhouse in hibernation

Before the camera batteries died I got to take a couple of pics of the old greenhouse windows. Odd angles as the ground was too wet for me to wanting to kneel in and then I tried to find a position where I could take pics without being too disturbed by Julle and Jinja who where bumping against the camera, demanding to be cuddled and patted.

The lichen on the old window panes and wooden frame almost makes it look like I've been playing with textures, but it's not edited like that: colours, textures etc are just as captured by my camera. However, it did get an urge to play around a bit with one of the phots, actually adding a bit of texture and altering the colours. Not sure if it enhanced anything or made any real difference...


  1. Those are pretty cool photos!

  2. Really cool. The edited photo looks very exciting. I think the greenhouse might be full of fragrant exotic plants and flowers. Orchids and moss...Anna

  3. Thank you!

    Oh, I wish the greenhouse was filled with something exciting and exotic, but it's not. It's not warm enough to overwinter anything precious. Normally my dad -- it's his greenhouse -- use it to cultivate plants in spring, though this year I'm not sure how much he'll manage as he's still recouperating after a surgery (which they'll have to redo in a few weeks...), but he has bought lots of seeds. Including several tomato varieties: that particular greenhouse mostly harbours tomato plants during summer.


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