Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Random bead photos

Have I mentioned that I love czech glass beads? I love czech glass beads!

Do you recognize the beads on the photos? They're from my bead soup blog party necklace. I took these pics while at the same time as the rest, but they never ended up in the reveal post. So now I'm showing them today instead.

I really like the look of backlit glass (not just because of the crisp white background it gives, even without photo editing, and would love to have something like this -- or perhaps just this with a lamp under -- when taking photos. I don't. Instead, these pics are taken with the chain of beads draped over a milky white plastic lampshade while the light was lit (and then some extra lighting from above).


  1. Czech beads really outshine the more sparkling crystals due to their more sophisticated elegance and fairytale-like qualities. Who would not love to own your dream device for perfect illumination of things of beauty! Until then, your method is clever. Have a relaxing weekend without a single potato in sight!

    1. Hope you're having a good weekend too. (Yes, mine's long and potato free: where're waiting for the last patch of field to dry up now before when can do the last bit.)

      Another fab thing about czech glass beads is the vast range of colours, coatings and surface effects to drool over: no matter what you want, you're bound to find the right shade or style somewhere! (When I've got money I trawl my favourite bead shops, Etsy and eBay and sometimes DaWanda for new special finds.) ;-)

      A couple of year ago I did experiment with a DIY portable light table that my dad once made for me and my sis. That worked ok too, though the light was a bit too yellow. Now it's broken, has no good milky-but-transparent table surface anymore, so I can't use it.


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