Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunny days

We've had a couple of sunny days this weekend, which means I just had to go for a walk. With camera and cats. These photos are from last Friday. Already when I got up high enough to spot a glimpse of the sea, I could see it was a beautiful medium-to-dark blue. A shade that made it -- in lack of better words -- visible. Many times you can't see a definite line between sea and sky before you get a clear view. Not so so this time because this was a strong, but at the same time subtle and calm, blue shade. One of those shades that are pretty hard to capture with a camera without the rest of the landscape going a dark or weird tone. (In other words, bluer than it might appear in my amateur photos.)

The cats came with us. I've realised there aren't many cat pics on this blog so I have remedy that. And I did take a few pics of the four youngest that came with me and the sis. Normally we don't let the three kittens near the road and so -- as far as we know -- they haven't been on the other side. As they have lots of energy now that the sun and warmth (+6, not tropical weather, but much warmer than a few days back) has come, we thought they might like the big open spaces around the hill. So we helped them across.

Knatti, the fourth cat with us, loved it! Above you can see him right after he attacked Julle. Me and Knatti got up first while my sis kept the boys from playing on the road so he had time to plan ambushes on the kittens. He's bullied by a few of the cats at home, but out here he felt far from them and was so happy. He ran around, played with the little ones and cuddled with us. Randa (not in the photos) also joined us later and reacted pretty much the same as Knatti.

Jinja was the cat who found all this of least interest. One of the reasons was probably that she's the smallest and thus have the shortest legs. So she got behind already when the kittens had crossed the road. She was also a little hesitant about this new territory. In the pic she's the little black dot to the left, feeling very lonely as the boys run up the hill, leaving her behind.

Another pic of Knatti, who has just found a mossy branch on the ground.

That's about how many pics there was. Had to save most of the memory card space for the bead soup jewellery photo session later. I did take a few flower pics too, but I'm saving them for next week.


  1. Thank you so much for these lovely Spring pics with your cats and kittens enjoying themselves in the sunshine.Our cat is going to have a surgery on Friday. What a wonderful surprise to find these pics with your story here. The cats make me laugh and forget my worries. A cat called!

    1. I'm glad you liked the pics. And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed all goes well with the surgery and recovery.

      Knatti is named after the swedish word knatte, meaning little kid or little boy (one of Donald Duck's nephews, Hewey, is called Knatte in Swedish). He was so cute and tiny we he was a newborn. And he was the only kitty in the litter so he was tiny and alone and knatti seemed lite a cute name for this new little thing.(It's easy to forget they'll grow up to be big cats that might not appreciate such a diminutive name if they understood them...)

  2. Oh what a lovely place; we live in the city (Atlanta, Georgia)so I very rarely get a glimpse of the sea. Your Knatti and kittens are so cute. It looks like they are loving the sunny day. Thanks for sharing their adventure. My cat Beau is very elderly (18 years), he can't make it out in the yard anymore, but he enjoys sleeping in the sun on our outdoor terrace.

  3. I love landscape photos with Red Barns and White Churches with Steeples... thanks for sharing!


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