Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Suddenly Spring challenge reveal

When I'm writing this on Monday afternoon it's been a chilly but sunny spring day. Hopefully it is also so when you read this as I'll most likely be spending the day working outdoors. That's right, potato season is finally starting for us too. Great timing, huh? (And that also means I'm not sure when I get time to blog hop, which includes not just this hop but the remaining half of the bead soup blog party list... I'm so behind...)

But enough of that. To the challenge now.

When I first read about Michelle's Suddenly Spring challenge, my initial response was that I probably shouldn't sign up for so many challenges in a row but I really liked the theme, the idea of transforming a simple wintery bracelet (above) into spring jewellery. The same way winter turns into spring. So I ordered a kit.

Early, I decided to turn the big rondelle beadss into flowers, but due to other comitments and unexpected events, I ended up doing this last minute and having to panic buy some beads -- not a good things as I really don't like the range of beads available in the craft shop I had to get them from. Yesterday (as in Sunday) I seriously considered throwing in the towel and tell Michelle I had to drop out, but I didn't want to do that so late and after all I'd spent money on the bracelet and beads so I wanted a result. Any result. And this is it, my spring necklace.

I guess if I was a newbie I'd like it. (Maybe if I was in a better mood, I'd find something to like about it.) But in my eyes it just doesn't look that good. It looks very amateurish and you really can't tell I've been doing this for years. I don't like the colours, the bead mix, the over-all design etc etc. I know I often complain about my designs, but this truely is one I'm so far from pleased with. That's why there's no clasp: I'm going to frog it. See if it's possible to tweak the design or if I have redo it from scratch. If I do, I promise you'll get to see the new, improved Suddenly Spring necklace. Because I know I can do better than this!

Still, hope you enjoyed coming over here despite my bad mood and if my negativity is spoiling the fun of this blog hop I sincerely apologize as it wasn't my intent. I'm just a bit disappointed with myself and can't help but write how I feel about my work when I blog.

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  1. AS I previously mentioned to another blogger, I in awe of beading and beaders. It is one thing I have never accomplished. Love the colors in your necklace.

  2. Hi! I like the pretty flowers. Maneki can't fail when creating flowers.I think the necklace is beautiful! I would be happy to wear it. Could be from a beading book to inspire those who are not into complicated beadweaving or who are at the beginning of their beading path. I like your showing us even the things you are disappointed with. It'll be interesting to see the new improved Suddenly Spring.

  3. Actually I like the refreshing spring colors. And I'm always in awe of those who can 'stitch' beads together.

    On the other hand, I do know the feeling when you are not happy with how the design, and you want to rip it apart and try again. I'm sure we've all been there.

  4. I wish you beautiful Spring days working outdoors. This potato business seems hard work to me. Of course you will feel better working in the fields when the weather is nice and the soil is not wet.Then you might even be inspired by the Spring outdoors for beading designs later on.

  5. I think that we are our own worst critics. I love what you did with the blue beads I would love to know how to make those flowers. Your use of green reminds me of stems. I always am doubting myself and never think that my pieces are good enough to share with others on the internet. That is why I got started with the blogging and the challenges to get myself out there and to gain confidence in my work. I think this one is lovely but I will enjoy seeing your new and improved version also if you go there. Good luck with your potato planting.

    1. About how the flowers are made: They are a bit of a first draft so noway near perfect, but the basic construction is one I've used several times. You string your beads (rounds or rondelles), go through them again and knot so they form a ring. Either add seed beads inbetween the bigger beads in the previous step or add them afterwards to fill gaps between the beads. I do it afterwards if it's hard to get an even, tight tension otherwise.

      The centre ring is made the same way using smal (3 mm?) rondelles. The ring is then attached to the larger ring of beads by stitching it to the latter from the back [that's the "first draft" bit I might need to improve].

  6. We are always most critical of our own work, I think that your necklace is beautiful and I was thinking of making flowers out to the roundels also, but when I got the bracelet I just could not decide, so I went a different route. I do not thing your necklace looks amateurish and I think all the colors go well with each other. I do understand though about not being pleased with a piece and just can not make yourself settle with the design.

  7. I adore your beaded flowers and I think it was an awesome way to use the blue beads.

  8. I think that your finished piece is lovely and really speaks of springtime to me. The flowers really pop against the green beads. If you decide to change up the design, be sure to post updated pictures.

  9. I've been there before--posting something in a challenge that I wasn't thrilled with. But good for you for making something! Sometimes we have to make something we don't really like in order to get to something better. A necessary, but annoying, step.

    I like the idea of making flowers out of those blue beads. Be sure to email me if you decide to redo it--I'd love to see it again! Thanks for joining the challenge!

  10. It's tough when you hit a wall in your design process. I applaud that you posted your piece and shared your thoughts about it.

    What really struck me as I scrolled down your post was the first detail shot of the flowers. I love those elements and think that those are setting you on the right track.

    Maybe grouping the flowers together on a necklace or counter balancing them with other "springtime" elements might help to pull this piece together.

    Great job so far and I hope you post your revamped piece.

  11. I actually like this. The texture of the back and forth on the peanut beads really appeals to me.

  12. We are always our own worst critics. And, when life gets in the way of what we'd *like* to do, it's even more so. This is nice. Honest. The colors work well together and I, personally, don't have the talent (read "patience") to make those flowers. But, I do understand your frustration. Been there, redone that! If you DO decide to remake, I look forward to seeing it.

  13. Kristina - I think that it is a very pretty necklace. I love the flowers you made out of the beads. I understand your frustration. Good for you, though, for posting it and wanting to continue the creative process and make something even "better". I look forward to seeing the new design.

  14. Laughing a bit here...hasn't this happened to every single one of us? I've frogged more pieces than I can count, and I'm always happier with the end result. And in the end, that's what's important...that we are happy with the end result. That said, I think you're harder on yourself than anyone else; I think it's a great necklace!

  15. I LOVE it! I think it is really pretty! :)

    xoxoxox! jean

  16. I have to agree with everyone else. I think it's lovely, and it doesn't look amateur at all. The green and blue are so pretty together, and I love the flower clusters.

  17. You're definitely on the right track with the flowers. I suggest what I do (quite regularly), pack it away for a week or more and come back to it with a fresh eye. I'll be keeping an eye out for the revamped piece.

  18. Hey, I love this. It's so fresh and vibrant. I adore the flowers made with the blue beads. Don't be discouraged, but thanks for sharing your process and thoughts with the rest of us. ;-0

  19. I really love those flowers. I think you are being too hard on yourself :-)

  20. Hi Maneki, I'm writing just to tell you that your early potato season start is known here in Finland. BIG news in our most respected newspaper and on their web site! Just kidding...not big but news. I wish you happy beading and happy potatoing! If you feel like skipping the blog in favor of after-work relaxation these days: be assured that we readers and followers understand your situation. :-)

    1. Thanks! Fun to hear that it even makes headlines outside the country, had no idea it did. But maybe I shouldn't be too surprised: a good part of the harvest on Bjäre is sold to Finland (as well as distributed throughout Sweden, from north to south). The potatoes we pick also travel eastwards across the Baltic sea sometimes. You know when they will as the lorry drivers are earlier than the rest as they have to catch the 6 o'clock ferry in Stockholm in the evening so the Finnish shops will have fresh potatoes in the morning.

  21. Thanks for all your lovely comments! I've read them all, but due to work I haven't had time to visit any blogs yet. Hopefully I will later this weekend (working 1-2 hours tomorrow too). Unless I'm too busy writing blog posts for my other blog, I might even be inspired to show pics from last year's potato harvest -- hopefully you haven't become too tired of hearing me talk about potatoes yet. ;-)


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