Saturday, 28 April 2012

Another twin bracelet -- revisited

So fairly busy this weekend too -- and my camera batteries were dying, just as the sunlight behind the rain clouds -- but still wanted to show the second version of the bracelet I showed earlier this week. The size of the seed beads were perfect, but the colour scheme was slightly messy and made the actual design hard to see so last night, before falling asleep, I made a new version using bronze-lined twin beads, golden seed beads and crystal rose topaz luster fp (apparently I did have a third colour in that size! Who knew...).

Because I used a different size seed beads, I had to alter the number of beads for each "wave". Below, you can see my trial strip. The first second (without fire-polished beads) was made using three seeds on each side, just like I used in the first bracelet, which fit perfectly with the fp's. Here it didn't work at all. So then I tried five seeds per side/wave -- because I prefer odd numbers and primes to even numbers -- which resulted in a really wavy pattern. So, lastly, I tried something in between and that is the version I stuck with for the final bracelet. The "five seeds waves" would probably work better if I used round beads instead of fire-polished, which -- despite the name (they are called round -- aren't fully spherical.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the wave pattern!

  2. Wonderful pattern lovely colours. I think it is ok with fp beads in this pattern. I'm waiting for my twins. What a versatile bead. xoxo

  3. This colour scheme is lovely. The first one was a bit too transparent.

  4. Love your bracelet design, it is so neat using the bronze inside color twins.

  5. Thank you! This colour scheme was so much better and it really brings out the wavy pattern.

    It's a fun bead to play with. So far it's mostly been simple styles -- perhaps it's time to try something more challenging too? (Unless the potatoes get in the way, not many weeks left now until harvest. See for yourself: )


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