Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April bead soup palette

Inspired by everyone making colour palettes etc and publishing on their blogs, I thought it might be a good feature for my other blog. At first my idea was to use all kinds of photos, but then I felt my palettes would just be more amateurish versions of the palettes from e.g. Design Seeds and Brandi Girl. So instead I turned my attention to the big bead stash: why not make bead palettes based on "bead soups" created from my stash? Not that original (FusionBeads, Perles & Co etc etc make such colour ideas on their websites), but it worked better for me than my original idea.

This is the first palette I've made, published on Manekis Pärlblogg today. It's really simple with just two bead types and the design of the picture is in a way a first draft. Maybe I'll tweak it a bit for future bead soup palettes (if nothing else, adapt it to what ever photo editing tool I'll prefer after Picnik closes this week). Focus is on colour, not beads, meaning I select beads based more on their colours than if the sizes/shapes/materials work together.

For the colour key, I'm trying to use the colour names used by the sellers to avoid confusion and make it easy for anyone inspired by the beads to find the same nuance. I've also thought about adding small tips or ideas like "why not try and add some dark pink/rose as an accent, picking up the rose tones in the grape opal beads" or "this combo would look crisp with shiny silver or silver colour findings".

What do you think? Is it an idea worth pursuing? Any suggestions or ideas for my future bead soup palette posts?


  1. Those colors together remind me of hydrangeas. Pretty!

    1. Lori you're right. I love hydrangeas and these bead colours inspire me to think about the fairytale-like greenery and the flowers of the Azores islands in the Atlantic ocean. There are hydrangeas all over the place ;-)

    2. I was at the garden centre today with my sis and mom, picking out pansies for my parents (now there's a flower you can find in the most interesting colour combos!) and looking at the hydrangeas. They had a lovely variety of pinks, pink-to-jonquil, blue-and-jonquil and periwinkle-and-purple. Very pretty!

      When we grew up, my sis never liked the hydrangea in our garden as it was pink, a colour she disliked (a lot), and not blue like the ones she'd seen elsewhere. As the acidity in the soil alters the colour of the petals, it wouldn't work to just buy one in her beloved favourite colour blue instead so she was stuck with an "ugly" pink flower...

  2. What a beautiful color combination!

    I like your ideas for the color palette. One color combination I'd love to see would be pinks and purples, since I love them together. :)

  3. I love those colours. They look so delicious. It is a very good idea indeed. Sometimes it is easier to be inspired by something simple than complicated. I already feel inspiration coming!

  4. I'd like to see a colour palette based on earth colours with hints of smashing contrasting colours. Like poisonous small frogs on dry leaves...

  5. Thanks for your comments and ideas! I love both purple and earthtones so there's probably going to be a lot of those. Hopefully with an inspirational twist sometimes. I like both the idea of pink and purple and earttones with contrasts so I'll keep your suggestions in mind for future palettes.

  6. This reminds me of what Mortira of Inspirational Beading does with her bead mixes--showing bead color combos in simple clear glass bowls and talking about them.


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