Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bead blog recap w. 13-14

Late as usual, here's the summary of what I've been writing about at Manekis Pärlblogg the last two weeks.This time you'll find new challenges, wirework projects, recycled fiber jewellery, reference charts, bead weaving and more. Enjoy!

Open House at the B&B website
Bead & Button is having an open house 5-12 april, meaning everyone have free access to e.g. projects otherwise reserved for registered users and/or subscribers. Why not take the opportunity to download some inspiring free projects?

Herringbone wrap variations
Learn how to make some fun wire-wrapped jewellery components at Jáde's blog. Several shapes based on the same technique.

April monthly challenges
Current bead and jewellery challenges. From this month I'm also adding monthly reminders of year-long challenges that you can still join in.

The One Color Crayon Challenge
It's too late to sign up for this colour challenge focusing on monochrome palettes. Not too late to check out the blog hop on 5 May for some inspiration -- or to be inspired from the challenge theme itself -- though.

Jewellery from a tee
How to make necklace, brooches, bracelets and more from old t-shirts. When they are too old and worn, don't throw them away -- recycle instead.

Wrapped, Stacked and Layered Challenge
Another challenge that it's too late to sign up for, but with a blog hop in the near future. The challenge is to make bracelets and create a collection that can be worn together, stacked on the arm.

Seed bead rings
If you cut large seed beads more narrow than usual you get some cute glass rings, smaller than the pressed-glass rings available.

Bead hole sizes
A few charts that will help you determine the hole sizes of different beads such as seed beads, crystal bicones etc.

Strands and hanks
How long is a "standard" strand of gemstone beads? How many strands are there on a seed bead hank? Learn more about strands and hanks of beads here.

Crystal heart flowers
How to make flower motifs from crystal heart pendants. Several variations.

Peyote "eyelets"
How to make ornate bead-woven "eyelets" or "rivets" for decorating bead holes.

Headpin rosettes
Learn to make cute little wire-wrapped rosettes from ball-end headpins.

The messy workshop tour
B'Sue invites you to parttake in the messy workshop tours, showing that a creative workplace often isn't as neat and spacious as in the glossy mags -- indeed, a messy workplace can be a sign of creativity and be more inspiring that a tidy, cleared table.

Golden Snitch jewellery
For the Harry Potter fans: learn how to created pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc inspired by the winged ball found in the wizards' own ball game, quidditch.

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