Monday, 30 April 2012

Happy walpurgis!

It's walpurgis night, valborgsmässoafton, today. One of the many days said to be a festival celebrating spring. And we've had some fab warm weather here today -- I think the whole country has -- with nothing but sun, blue sky and singing birds. A perfect valborg and a really great warm spring day (we had over 20 degrees in the sun).

Of cause the weather meant me and my sis went for a walk with our cameras. And Julle. Here's some of the photos I took earlier today, though not all as a headache is keeping me from editing and posting as many pics as I'd like. (No worry, an aspirin and I'll feel better in a few hours and it's not like I was going to any bonfire or party tonight anyway.)

Happy Walpurgis night!


  1. Hi I hope your headache is gone today. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing. I think the blue ones are "Chinese" forget-me-nots. Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks! Yes, they probably are something along that line. I just call them forget-me-nots, but of cause these are not the same as the wild growing forget-me-nots which has much smaller flowers.


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