Monday, 16 April 2012

The first daffodils

Photographing the first daffodils this year hasn't been as easy as it sounds. First, the camera batteries needed charging, which I forgot, and so had to postphone the photo session a day. Next day it rained (oh, ok, drizzled, but still too wet for the camera). And today it was windy. Not that windy, but enough to make flowers on long stalks bob with the gusts. I did manage to get a few decent pics though.

Most of the daffodils are still just budding, but a handful have begun to bloom.

Sorry about the weird angles in some of the pics -- a combination of me crouching in front of the flowers (without standing on my knees as the ground was wet and dirty), doing my best to get close and follow the flowers as they swung in the wind.

That last one is a funny little daffodil. The stalk hasn't grown at all so the flower is not even a centremetre above the ground.

My sis also spotted the first, tiny violets of the year the other day.


  1. Lovely harbingers of Spring!

    1. Yes, they are. We have a lawn full of them and whole host of daffodils blooming is just lovely.

      I'm glad the wind didn't make me wait until today to take the pics -- because right now it started snowing! Ah, april weather...

  2. more photoes and all very interesting I understand you are swedish ,a very artistic person >Do you sell photoes? I am not so familiar with computer and all that only emailing and some google>If youever receive this message ,i like your photoes >Ciao sara


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