Friday, 13 April 2012

Steam fog and spring flowers

Yesterday I just had to get the camera out as the weather, having turned from rainy and cold to warmer, created the most magical steam fog in all the recently plowed fields. It wasn't just little wisps of evaporation just above the earth, but like a real fog. In on place, where there are several fields not interrupted by grazing land, it became dense and rose far above my head. And, as you can see in the pics, it looked quite spectacular how the fog more or less was restricted to the fields and rarely "pouring" into grassy areas. Just look at the pic below: the two "bands" of fog indicates two fields with pastures in between.

I'm on a laptop today with nothing but a touchpad so it's not ideal for editing my 50+ photos that remained after culling the 160+ I took. I'm just going to leave you with the two pics above for now -- plus a few of the wood anemones/windflowers/thimbleweeds (vitsippor), which I discovered had begun to bloom. I also spotted som lesser celandines (svalört).

Yeah... that last one looks a bit wonky... But it's the first celandine of the year so I can't skip it. (The first daffodil bloomed today, by the way, but I haven't taken any pics yet as the memory card is full and the camera batteries need charging. But being the first daffodil I of cause have to get a pic and blog about it.)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing these pics. The fog looks really interesting. There is always something new to learn. The flowers are so lovely. Glad to hear there are more pics to come.


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