Saturday, 14 April 2012

Foggy fields

This is a continuation of the pics I showed yesterday. Fields shrouded in steam fog (aka evaporation fog or, when forming over water, sea smoke). As mentioned yesterday, this is steam or smoke rising from the freshly plowed earth. It's not a fog that covers the whole landscape, it's concentrated to the fields where it in places rose as high as the trees. The pastures on the other hand weren't foggy at all -- something you can see in some of the pics (and particularly one of yesterday's photos).

It was tricky to pic which photos to publish and not all where that good, but this is the selection I chose in the end. As usual you can click the pics for full scale (which isn't that big, but it is an enlargement).


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this pictures they are stunning isn't nature a marvel.

    1. Thank you! Yes, nature is amazing -- from the smallest things (just look at the structure of a snowflake or seed) to the really big ones like the clouds. Beautiful!

    2. A fascinating series of pics of something I didn't know about.


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