Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I've posted this pic on Flickr so why not also here? Another image that I played around with in PicMonkey, adding colour effects, frames and textures (one of them being my own).

Below you can see a pic of the original image.

I resized the pohto in another free online tool, Pixlr Photo Editor. If you haven't, you should check out Pixlr too. Apart from the editor, they also have two other free tools: Pixlr Express (their alternative to Picnik) and Pixlr-o-matic (for adding textures and effects).

Why Pixlr Editor when I used PicMonkey above? Well, due to a full harddrive I only have the paper rose pics on Picasa at the moment and with the Editor I can upload photos from e.g. Picasa just like I could in Picnik. PicMonkey doesn't offer this service. Yet.


  1. Hi! I love you pics. Is this one of your original photos?Thank you for being a test pilot for PicMonkey. It would be interesting to see the original image together with the result. Have a nice Spring with lots of sun and fog! And, of course, flowers and blossoming trees!

    1. Thanks! Yes, this is from a series of photos I took of my paper flowers the other day. I'll add a pic of the original for you as comparison. Just going to resize it first.

      Hope you're having a lovely spring too! (Alas, no blossoming trees here yet.)


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