Saturday, 28 April 2012

Crash, boom, bang... not exactly how it sounded, but it felt just like something that would've sounded like that. I managed to break yet another fragile vintage glass flower on wire. I was just picking out some of my faux pearl drops and glass flowers on wires for a photo that was going to illustrate a future post on my other blog and noticed the wire was bent. I was just going to gently straighten it out. Not a good idea! The frail opalescent floral crumbled like a dried flower in my hands (covering my fingers in glass fragments -- ick!).

Luckily I have a few left, but that's the third one that has broken. One broke in storage (yes, that's bad storing on my part!) and another broke just like this one in my hands. So fragile. I don't think I dare use them in jewellery because of this...

If you wonder what a whole flower looks like, see my photo below.


  1. What about sealing it? coating it in something to help protect it and give it a bit of strength? Although, if you want ton make jewelry with them, you'd be better off sending a picture to a glass artist and asking them to make you new ones to play with ;)

  2. Oh I hate when that happens! It's one of the reasons I'm so scared of using adorned head pins -- I crank on that wire to wrap it so hard I just know I'd ruin things.

  3. How sad about your glass flowers! They really are adorable -- I'm sorry they're so fragile.

    This might sound strange, but my newer beading needles are the same way -- if I so much as look at them the wrong way they break!

  4. Oh no! They are so pretty. I think you heard your heart breaking a little. Why not make a lovely little tussy mussy of them together with leaves and pearls? Put them into a beaded vase or use a silver cone as vase. Just for decorative purposes not to be worn.Then you can admire them all the time.xoxo


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