Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter flowers


  1. Pussy willows! Gah >.< they probably came out early this year with the nice weather. I was hoping to go for a walk along the nature trail at my parents place and see the fuzzy little balls in bloom ... but between the nice weather earlier.. and my not going to the country this weekend ..your photo is probably as close as I'll get this year *sigh* Thank you :) I love pussy willows. They look like little bunny bums sticking out a hole ;) They're also the only fuzzy plant that I can touch without breaking out in a rash lol

    1. You're welcome ;) Yes, pussy willow are so cute and soft. I was happy to find this shrub that I didn't actually know of as our big willow had to be cut down last year so now pussy willows there this year. Of cause this little willow was hidden behind a thorny bush wrapped in brambles... Took my photos leaning against all that because I just had to get some pussy willow pics this year too. As they say: no pain, no gain!

  2. Oh what a joyous thing it is to see spring flowers- a reminder that the cold will end eventually!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love flowers -- they're one of my absolute favorite parts about Spring. :)

  4. Thank you!

    The birch leaf, forsythia flowers and daffodils are indoors, I might add. Outdoors they haven't begun to bloom -- or in the case of the birch, bud -- yet. The first daffodils are coming soon, but not yet.


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