Saturday, 21 April 2012

Twin bead lace bracelet

Curious to see something I've made with the Preciosa Ornela loot I won? Here's a bracelet I made when playing around with different ideas and designs for the twin beads. Originally I was sceptical of the crystal colour-lined beads, thinking I'd prefer solid colours or finishes, but in this design it turned out that the lining was a perfect way to get both colour and the illusion of open space along the "spine" of the bracelet.

For this bracelet, I used a very simple 2-needle technique. I would've wanted the twin beads to form more or a zig-zag pattern and will try to make some variations with bigger beads (bicones?), but in the end it looks good this way too. (I must say, I think it looks better IRL, being so sheer in colour and dainty in design, which the photo doesn't really do justice too.)

As so often there's no clasp yet. I'm looking for a nice, small one that'll fit and I find shopping for findings much more boring that going bead hunting so there aren't that many clasps to chose from in my stash...

If you wonder about the photo, it's taken with the bracelet put around a tapered beer glass. I find it's often a good bracelet display for photos as it's a) tapered so it works with many different bracelet sizes and b) clear. A bonus with the later is that you can always see the back of the bracelet too.

The actual photo set-up is a bit different from usual as the sunny days (even today when we good the most gorgeous sun shower) mean it's perfect to rig everything in front of the south-facing window at my sister's workbench. As you can see below. Not exactly very professional looking, putting the set-up on my sis's newly-sewn seeds (she just warned me to do it again today as the seeds are beginning to sprout), but it's the best access to natural light I have indoors and the colours and sparkle is so much better when using the sun rather than construction lights to light up jewellery and beads.


  1. I like seeing your photo setup. Clever tip about using the tapered beer glass.

    1. Glad you liked it. I've used another beer glass before and thought it was both a cheap and descrete alternative to a bracelet display. Just have to avoid glare from lights so it doesn't shine too much.


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