Sunday, 5 August 2012

August bead soup palette (part 1)

I'm doing weekly bead mixes through August too. This is the first one, a very colour intense palette.

Bead with surface effects are pretty thankful to work with when trying to compose a colour combination as they tend to have hints of several colours apart from the main colour. In this case, the main colour is a shiny metallic blue coating, which have hints of teal, pink/rose, indigo, purple and gold. I chose to add some dark pink anodised aluminium scales to the crystals, picking a component that was as close to the metallic pink in the beads as was possible using what I had in my stash.

This palette was a way to make myself use something other than the earthtones, copper and purples I usually pick up automatically. Generally, I've tried to pick up and work with other colours this summer. Like the metallic blue here, the turquoise/green Oliver Twists threads, Swarovski pink neon pearls (yes, I bought a few of them -- very few, just a package of five), the seeds I moaned about in this post etc.

Despite what many who knows me think, I do gravitate towards hot pinks and fuchsia tones, neon colours, turquoise and many more some times. This is one of those times. The more I play with colour, the more colours I like and even drool over. Who would've thought I'd appreciate hot and dark pinks they way I do right now?


  1. I love this combination. The blue beads are lovely. Metallic but not at all flashy. It is interesting to try new colours. Some people say that pinks, fuchsias etc. colours are not "natural". Well, that's not true, there are so many flowers in these colours and flowers are natural. I guess that many of us choose colours that match with our state of mind.

    1. Thanks! It's so true -- and even colours that feel very synthetic, like neons can be found in nature. Not least in modern cultivars. It reminds me of once when we went on an excursion with our geography teacher. It was spring in Skåne and we drove through a beech forest. The ground was covered in matte copper leaves, the trunks were a dark blackish brown (wet as it's just rained) and the leaf buds a most popping neon green. Our teacher commented that if a painter had done a painting of a forest using those colours we saw, no one would think they were natural.

  2. Great combo- a good idea to make something out of it :) I also don't very drool over pinks but use various tones- subdued pinks, fuchsia are my favourites. Thanks for posting the combinations.


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