Saturday, 4 August 2012

Paeony poppies

I think all poppies are gorgeous, from the delicate little wild field poppies to the extravagant, lush paeony poppies (pionvallmo; lat. Papaver somniferum paeoniflorum or just P. paeoniflorum). This year my sis decided to sow some paeony poppies and right now they are blooming in gorgeous red and purple hues. I missed the first purple one as it wilted so fast, but yesterday I got some photos of the latest flowers. More are budding so I hope to get another round of photos tomorrow or next week (fingers crossed there'll be some pretty afternoon light to shoot them in too).

Paeony poppies have doubled, straight or curly petals, making them look very similar to paeony flowers. Hence the name. But some of the poppies only have the normal number of petals (enkelblommiga -- no idea what that's called in english), like the opium poppies they are a variety of.

(I've shown pics of our fast-spreading "feral" opium poppies, P. somniferum, before, e.g. here and here.)


  1. Lovely flower pics as usual, Maneki. I love peonies and poppies. The problem with poppies is that they wilt so fast. The colours your sister has chosen are beautiful.

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are a very temporary joy -- all the more reason to sow loads of them, perhaps? ;) I've tried to figure out the name of the variety, but my sis claims the packet only said pionvallmo (paeony poppy), not any mention of a specific variety or mix. Hope she'll at least remember the brand so we can get some more next year.


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