Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dark metallic bronze bead

Just wanted to add a pic of a wooden bead my sis painted in Magic Metallics dark bronze paint.

She bought the paint for the same reason I bought their steel paint: to paint objects we wanted to add a patina to. These paints contain real metal particles and when treated with the appropriate patina solution, they patinate. Bronze and copper paint turn a beautiful verdigris while the steel paint rust -- like in this example I''ve shown before.

But I must say this paint is very pretty as it is: a matte black with a discrete copper shimmer. In a way it reminds me of my etched goldstone.


  1. That is beautiful! I can see it with a band of size 15 copper seed beads around it to emphasize the copper highlights.

  2. The color and the surface look gorgeous. Who could believe this is a humble wooden bead.

  3. I must try this. The bead looks great without patina, but I'd love to see a wooden bead with some lovely genuine verdigris on it, too. Your experiment with steel and rust in the other post is exciting. Instead of buing rather expensive metal findings and stampings, why not use some perfect wooden beads instead? Anna

  4. I think I'll have to pinch some of that paint (or swap, we do use each other's supplies every now and then).

    There's a how-to for patina'd wooden beads using this line of paints and patinas that I'm going to blog about in two weeks or something on my other blog, by the way.


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