Wednesday, 8 August 2012

August bead soup palette (part 2)

This week I've put together a simple earthtone mix in matte finishes.

Surface effects like vitrail have many nuances in them, that can be used when creating a colour palette. Sometimes you might not even need other colours as there are so many hues in this one. Instead you can focus on enhancing one or two colours in the surface effect.

This mix has its origin in the dual-coated vitrail/apollo gold drops. I added the druks because the ochre yellow of the finish is tone on tone with the apollo gold and the rose tint is a complementary colour to the green of the vitrail finish. Originally the mix consisted only of these two bead shapes, but I added the matte bronze seed beads as a neutral background that again is tone on tone.

The photo above have an unfortunate varm tint I forgot to adjust. In the photo below the colours are somewhat more natural.

NB! All beads, including the druks, are matte. The word matte has just disappeared from the colour key.


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