Friday, 10 August 2012

No more photos

I wasn't sure if I was going to put a question mark at the end of that headline or not. I probably should, but it feels like a definite end to my photography right now. So what's happened that's made me feel so blue?

Well, first of all I have really mixed feelings at the moment due to the olympic handball. Those who know we, know that I've followed the men's national handball team for ages, since the golden age of Bengan Boys. And just a few moments ago the team made it through to the finals!

I didn't watch the second half in the best of moods, though. What happened during the break was that I took out the camera, thinking I had to get a pic of the new poppies before they wilted and I had the time to do it during the break -- tomorrow could be too late as the bloom was just perfect with the thick bud next to it. I wish I had let it wait until tomorrow or that I hadn't removed the camera strap. I was just taking a step when Snuttis ran in front of my legs. I stumbled and dropped the camera, which bounced three (!) times in the concrete floor. I've dropped the camera before -- thank you, Konica Minolta, for making such a sturdy camera! -- but seeing it bounce like that I knew it was the end of it. And it was.

I think Snuttis is still a bit uneasy around me after I screamed the way I did went the camera fell. It's not her fault, but that moment I was so angry. Not specifically at her, didn't scream at her or scold her, just let out a cry to no one in particular. Angry, upset, sad.

Anyway, I don't have another camera. I've wanted a new one since this one got a nick in the lens (you can see it on some of my photos, a blurred area in the bottom right side), but haven't been able to afford it. My mobile phone is so old that colour screens was the newest feature available when I got it. Long before camera phone, even long before the first low-quality camera phones.

Could probably borrow my sister's camera or mom's for special shoots I need to do, e.g. challenges and contests, but I doubt I'll be able to take as many pics as I do now. Which in turn means less blog posts with (new) photos. And also I'm not used to their cameras. I know my Konica Minolta Dimage Z3 inside out and it had so many of the features I want in a camera. It's my friend. As it got older my sometimes willful friend, but still a friend I cherised. Now it's dead and gone.

There may be many better cameras, many cheaper cameras with similar features (and probably more pixels).  And anyway, they stopped making the Z3 ages ago -- in fact, Konica Minolta doesn't even do digital cameras at all anymore. But right now I just want my Z3 back... I'm already missing it and I've been without it less than two hours when writing this...


  1. Oh sweetie, I'm sooo sorry. I do know how you feel about a particular type of camera, I use a Canon, and it feels familiar and comfortable. I hope you will take this time to explore the brands out there, and find one that will be a suitable replacement. I will still look forward to your posts, even without pics. :(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera! I can understand how it feels like a friend -- I feel the same way about my laptop.

    My only thought is that you could look for a used one just like it. It might be less expensive than a new one, and you'd have a camera you were familiar with.

  3. What a disaster. But it could be worse, you could have hurt yourself or Snuttis. I'm glad that you two are ok, but, of course, you need a camera. I'll be reading your posts even without pics. I'm sure that you have lots of wonderful pics on your computer to show us. The problem is that you want to take bead related pics, and want to show your new beads and what you are doing with them. If you cannot afford a new camera, and liked your old one, you could try and buy a used Z3. If it is not possible, you can buy another brand. People buy new things without really needing them, and and it is possible to get a very good rather new used camera very cheaply. I bought a good camera at a sale.You should read tests and most important of all, what ordinary users on your skill level say about their cameras. Maybe you can find a serious shop selling used cameras. We know that you are on a tight budget as many of us these days. You can't just rush to the mall and buy a new camera today. I'm sure you'll be able to solve this problem. I'm eagerly waiting for Meowy Monday! Sorry for writing a novel rather than a comment, but I really feel sorry for you. Milka

  4. Thanks, everyone! It's slightly tricky to learn to be without a camera when you're used to having it 24-7. Especially now that there's so much to take photos off (of cause today's a sunny beautiful day after days of rain and grey skies!). I have to fight the impulse to grab the camera and take a pic all the time.

    I'm going to try and steal/borrow my sis' camera at times. Don't think she'll be thrilled about it, considering how much she hates it when I constantly borrowed her battery charger. On the other hand she isn't home today... nudge,nudge, wink, wink. You know what I mean.

    By the way -- how ironic that I just recently bought a new charger and batteries for the camera.

    One positive thing is that I've learned a new word: bridge camera (in swedish: bridgekamera). That's what my camera is/was, a camera inbetween the point-and-shoot and the SLR. It also means the kind of camera I'm after is a bit more expensive than a point-and-shoot, but a point-and-shoot isn't an option for me. In that case I rather buy a new mobile (cell phone) with camera. But having a word for it will make it easier for me to find the right cameras.

    I did look around for used ones halfheartedly, but will try and comb Blocket etc for cheap ones. Saw one for 500 SEK. There was a whole "z family" and I just found a z5 too: more expensive but then it also had more pixels -- seven years ago that was a big thing. Will only buy if it's really cheap as I'm a bit hesitative about buying used cameras from strangers. Otherwise I'll try to think of some way to raise the moolah needed to buy a new bridge camera. Does mean a lot of time spent comparing brands and models as well as time to earn the money needed. Oh, I don't want to be without a camera.

    Ever since I damaged the lens, I've dreamt about a new camera -- but that dream including having my trusted Z3 left as a back-up! Is there some sort of punishing karma out there doing this to me? First Sötis and now this, I think something less than positive about something and it's gone...

    (Milka, as you can see, you're not the only one who writes essay-length comments. *lol*)

  5. Yes, but this is your blog! Your camera was very good at bead photos, macro flower pics and photos of black cats in in motion. It is very difficult to get good pics of black cats. Guess how I know. Don't be fooled by all those pixels only.Many other things are important for jewellery photography. I think it would be fine if you could find a used camera. It is easier to find a camera for beautiful landscape shots than one that is suitable for a bead blogger. You are interested in photography, and I think you could do with a cheap good quality older camera til you have found the right one for you. Then you can buy the camera of your dreams when it is on sale. BTW many professional camera stores sell used cameras with warranty. I''m sure your followers will not leave your blog when you are looking for a new camera. Milka

  6. Oh no! I hope you can manage to find a used one at a good price somewhere. At least you did not hurt yourself when you tripped.i will still read your blog even without photos.... But I do understand how you must feel about this...hugs.


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