Saturday, 25 August 2012

August bead soup palette (part 4)

This is the last weekly palette, from now on it's back to the standard schedule again on my other blog, which means monthly palettes. I did intend to do another bead mix this week, but due to the camera incident, I had had to change things a bit. So this week's mix ended up being an autumnal pearl blend.

I will stop moaning about colours looking better IRL, but it is worth mentioning in this case: the heather and burgundy looks better together than the photo might suggest. Some don't like mixing red and purple. As neighbours on the colour wheel, they do match, but it's very much about finding the right hues. In this mix, the dark brown pearls also help softening the mix. If you really don't want to mix the two, the brown pearls look good with just the red or the purple too.

What about the future monthly palettes now that I have no camera? Well, I'm still hoping to find a nice and cheap used camera soon, but there's also my sis' camera that I probably will get more used too -- and I'm thinking of using some of my older bead photos that have been published on this blog before. Only problem is that I don't always have the exact bead colour names and I really do want to use them whenever I can.

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