Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Martagon lily

I think I've forgot to show these photos. Edited and ready, they've been forgotten for some time now. The lilies bloomed in late June and since there hasn't been many martagon pics on this blog, I thought it was a nice flower to feature one day.

So here they are, memories of a summer that's soon gone.

The latin and english name, Martagon, sounds like a man's name in a fantasy novel, don't you think? It's also called Turk's cap lily in English and martagon is believed to stem from a turkish name for a turban. In Swedish it's known as krollilja, named after how the petals curl when the buds open.

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  1. Love the colour palette in these pics. It reminds me of your latest colour mix, August part 4.These lovely lilies inspire me to create with my pearls in similar colours. Your palette made me think of Autumn, but now I feel like having these Summer lilies as the starting point. Milka


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