Monday, 13 August 2012

Meowy Monday: cat photo of the week

Ah, it's monday. I should be posting cat pics, not photos with cows today, right? This week I'm focusing on last year's litter: Jisse, Jinja and Julle. And an old windmill.

The miniature windmill was a birthday gift for dad from some friends (they could be spotted in many gardens back then). Not intended as a playhouse for cats I'm sure, but the kitties soon learned that this was a great place for play and hiding. They hide inside the mill -- easier for kittens, but the big ones also like to lie in there -- balance on the wooden ledge and jump up on the  moving roof. Some even dare to touch the wings when they're spinning. Most of them only do that once...

For those of you who haven't followed my blog for some time and for those of you who don't remember the name of our cats, I could add that it's Jisse up on the ledge in the pic above and Julle (with the white spot on the nose) inside the mill. Below you see Jinja on top of the windmill.

Jinja didn't want company.


  1. Wow, this is an interesting windmill. A perfect playhouse for your cute little friends.

  2. These cat pics are so relaxing. Meowy Monday is a perfect way to start the week with a couple of laughs or at least big smiles. It is not polite to laugh at cats, they are so sensitive, aren't they? It's like a fairy tale windmill they have on their land. Usually those miniature windmills are just boring and a bit tacky, but this one is really pretty, with so many nice details.

  3. Thanks!

    That windmill's got a natural patina by now, which probably makes it look better too as it's dulled any garish colour. I'm not sure you can spot it in the photos, but those white pieces are seashells (common cockle, I believe they're called in english).

  4. Now I see the cockles, so pretty. Even the roof seems to be covered by seashells. Yes, some patina is often welcome! Not only in jewellery. This is really the first miniature windmill I like, I think it is perfect.


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