Monday, 13 August 2012

An evening in June

Now that I don't take (many) new photos, I'm looking through old ones. This is one such photo, taken back in June. There's nothing like taking pics on June evenings and nights. The nights are bright (dusk turning into dawn with no real night inbetween as Harry Martinson wrote), the twilight long and often you get mist -- as in my blog header -- or a romantic sun haze as above. And the cows are out, the hay is cut, the weather can be warm and the winds gentle.

PS! I added two new labels, cows and garden, but I'm not really going to go over all 618 published posts to label all garden-related posts correctly so flora is still the tag to use if looking for garden flower pics. Nor do I think I can find all posts with cows as I don't always write what's in the photos, making it hard to search for old posts.


  1. Beautiful view! What a peaceful evening with the cows and the sunny haze over the meadows. It is so exciting to see how your surroundings change all the time. It is the same place, but the seasons change. Milka

    1. I'm glad you like the pics. It's the same landscape and I've seen it for 30 years, but I still can't get enough of photographing it. (And every sunset is unique, every season change in its own special way: same things over and over, but still always new.)


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