Thursday, 16 August 2012

August bead soup palette (part 3)

Good thing I'd prepared a few palettes before the camera broke... This week I focused on two summer colours: green and blue. Couldn't pick which palette to publish so I did two. Two simple mixes with one green and one blue tone.

Above I use a slightly greenish blue and a slightly blueish green. Below I used another blue-green hue, minty pacific opal, mixed with two different blues. (Note that I use Preciosa's pacific opal, which isn't exactly the same hue as Swarovski's.)

You can also create an analog colour combination by adding more hues that lie between the green and the blue you chose. Hues like blue turquoise, green turquoise, teal, petroleum/petrol, erinite, jade, mint, seafoam etc -- exactly which ones to use depends on the beads you use as a starting point. Then you won't get a blue and green palette, but rather a blue-green one.


  1. Lovely, soft colors! They remind me of winter.

  2. Lovely mixes, especially the second one. It reminds me of water. A refreshing swim on a hot summer's day.

  3. Thanks! Blue isn't my colour, but sometimes it's hard to resist even for me.

    Funny to see how the same colours make one person think of winter and another of summer. Guess it depends both on were one comes from (what the seasons look like) and what one associates with the various seasons.


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