Monday, 6 August 2012

Cat photo of the week

Why not begin this (right now) rainy week with another "meowy monday" (regular blog features seem to often have aliterative names so let's go with meowy monday for now). On a meowy monday you can expect to find both new and old cat photos -- and more than one too, despite what the headline says. It'll be my way of remembering that my blog needs more cats. Of the over 600 posts on this blog, only 40 are labelled with 'cats'!

This week I have some photos of Ullegull and Snuttis playing outdoors yesterday. No action pics because everything I took of the two of them entangled ended up hopelessly blurred. So these are sort of the "inbetween rounds" photos.

PS! I wrote this on a laptop, sitting in my bed with Julle sleeping and purring on my left side and Jisse on my right.


  1. Believe me, I know how hard it is to take photos of black cats!

  2. Meowy Monday! lol Such a good idea. Oh they look so sweet! Nice to see kittens and young cats. I never saw my cats as kittens as they were about one year old when they found me. My cat usually sleeps ON my laptop, so you are lucky if they understand that you need to use it.

    1. Yeah, just wished they were always that understanding. Today Jisse has spent some time running back and forth over the keyboard... They do like to press random keys and get really offended if you get annoyed at them for doing it. I love cats, but they do test your patience at times. :)

  3. Meow! They are purrfect!


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