Friday, 13 July 2012

Bejewelled leaves

It's been mixed weather lately. Always big clouds on the sky, but alternating between rain and sunshine (with some drizzle, a tad thunder and winds in between). I took these pics the other day in the late afternoon after a rainy morning. The raindrops on the plant-with-a-name-I've-forgotten were like crystal drops.

Doesn't the big drops look like plump glass cabochons?

And for some more colour: a poppy.

I had an assistant with me too. One that wanted all the attention and made it rather difficult to take photos of the rose (which I'll show another day). I tried to take some pics of him instead but Julle wanted to be so close to me, he could hardly sit still long enough for the shutter toclose... These are the best two pics we got.

"Hey, what's the hand doing up there? It should be down here, patting me! Give me a belly rub or I'm goetting out of here!"

"Hello! Stop looking at that rose. I'm up here. Look at me! Hug me! Pat me! Now!"

In that last pic he's up on a trellis/pergola that some of the cats love to climb in, especially to get our attention.

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  1. Beautiful pics of the raindrops. Nature is full of wonders. I'd love to have the drops as cabochons but alas, they wouldn't last long. Cabochons for faeries? The poppy petals look like faerie wings. Your helpful assistant looks so cute with those looong whiskers.

  2. Thanks! I think I need to add more cat pics to this blog... There can never be too many cats!

    1. Yes, please, more cat pics would be fine!


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