Saturday, 23 March 2013

A sunset and a sparrow

Times flies (so much so that I missed Doctor Who this week too...) and so I didn't get around to edit the sunset pics from yesterday and today. I only have this one of the sun setting behind some trees.

And I have on of a Tree Sparrow (pilfink) that I found outside my bedroom window earlier today. They sometimes sit in the earler bush or on the barn roof just outside my window. It's especially nice summertime when I have the window open and hear more of their song.

I claim to never get any decent pics of birds. In this case I took the photo through the window in order not to scare away the birds and that window haven't been cleaned for ages. Just look at this:

Wait a minute, you might say, is that pawprints? On the outside of a upper floor window? Yes it is. I'll see if I can find the pics so I can show you how they ended up there and made a dirty window even dirtier. Though I guess the kitties consider it beautification...

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