Thursday, 7 March 2013

More digital doodles

These are two variations on the same theme (which appears to have been "spooky" -- not a planned theme, just something that grew out of playing with the photos). I've been layereing three or four of my own pictures, then tweaked the colours and brightness and added frames, creating two different pics.

Neither of them are perfect, but then again that's why I call it digital doodles and not digital artwork (well, I do call it art in the tags, but that's just because it's shorter). Looking at them today, though, I kind of like them. Made an oops with the second one as the frame got more grey in the corners than I would've wanted. Ideally it should've been white/invisible. Other than that, they're dark and weird and I like them -- despite that light "veil" on the right.


  1. Your digital compositions are gorgeous in their blackness. My favourite is the second one. Don't worry about names.

  2. You've verified the existence of ghosts! So spooky...and interesting. Irina

    1. You know, there's a story about one of the old owners of this place, that his mother-in-law came back from the dead as a mara and killed him. And, as can be seen on some of my photos, we live not that far from some of the bronze age mounds (which are so prolific here on Bjäre) that according to legend house trolls. Trolls that liked to visit the nearby farms sometimes, not least Bjäragården, and could capture people who came too close on those rare days when they opened the mound. Our dad used to tell me and my sis that our gårdstomte lived on the loft of the old henhouse (which is why it used to creep me out to go near there during twilight as a kid, that and the fact that I used to be afraid of the dark). So I could have a few spooky stories to go with the images.

      Hard to tell, but it's two photos taken from inside the greenhouse and one of the old ash tree by the road that makes up the basis of the images.

    2. No wonder you were afraid of the dark...Irina


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