Monday, 11 March 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

I've mentioned how big Uggi is, comparing him to petite one-and-a-half year old Jinja, but never shown him with her. So here they are. Side by side. Or one on top of the other to be precise.

Uggi likes to play with and attack Jinja. And Jinja? Well, she's not really as fond of it as he is (just look at her eyes!). She's not all all ok with those attacks from a playful Uggi without a playmate in his own age. As you can see below.

Don't worry, they stopped before the road (hopefully not just because I was standing there, yelling at them). And, yes, Jinja did manage to get away from Uggsi.


  1. Uggi, the cat with the white tail tip. Did you ever before have a cat with such a feature? It is so original. He really loves playing. Older cats are always so tolerant when it comes to playing and training. Milka

    1. The only problem for Uggi, apart from the fact that he has no playmate the same age, is that Jinja doesn't want to play most of the time as she thinks he's too rough -- and when Julle does want to play, Uggi thinks Julle's too rough. Julle's strong so once he gets excited and begins to wrestle, he can bite and scratch pretty hard.

      As for white tail tips, we've had a few cats -- and we have several right now too. It runs in the family. Uggi and Figge have the largest white tips, but Julle and Jinja have it too. See the second photo above -- though it's a pin prick compared to Uggi. Their mom, Ninja, had a white tail tip as a kitten, but when she grew up it disappeared and now there's just a few white hairs left. Sometimes it can be the other way around, a tiny white tip grows as the kitty grows, but Ninja isn't the first cat to have her tip disappear.

      All in all, I'd say the white tail tip on a black cat is more common in cartoons than in real life though. At least here.


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