Monday, 4 March 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the day

No, I haven't forgotten it's monday. I had forgotten it was a Meowy Monday until a few hours ago, though. So I looked through some of the february photos and came up with this. Taken on the same day I took the photos of Julle posted two weeks ago. For those who don't know her by now, this is Jinja. Our smallest, but not our youngest, cat (yes, Uggi is more or less bigger than her now, but she says it's just because his fluffy fur makes him look bigger than he is).

She's sitting on the drive, looking at the road. This is what she looked like when a car came by:

Apparently, we are not amused.

These photos makes it look like everything's still covered in snow here. While it does vary even within a small area it was pretty much the case when I took the pics-- my mom and I went into town (that's Ängelholm) last week and just 20 minutes or so south of here, the ground was more or less bare -- but it's been thawing these last days so now it looks more like this:


Julle and Uggi



Sorry, Jinja, for not making the whole post about you.

I'm not saying spring is coming yet, though: minus the sun, this is what it looked like back in December and there's always a chance of more snow in March and April. Last year it looked like this on today's date. So there's still some winter left. And there are no snowdrops yet either, partially because of the cold we've had up until now and partially because the corner of the garden where most of them are is still covered in snow.


  1. Last time it was Uggi. I thought OMG Uggi you are so BIG! So it's true that he is rather big now.

    1. You don't really see it when he's around you everyday, but then you put him next to one of the other cats... That said, Jinja is a tiny cat to compare with. She's inherited some of the "petite girl" genes from Ninna, who in turn inherited it from her mom. Her brothers are much bigger than her. We used to call her Lillan ("The little girl") because she was the youngest, now it's because she's the most petite of our cats.


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