Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ah, to live between winter and spring

When I showed the first snowdrops and dared to tag the post spring (as well as winter), I knew there'd be a backlash. After all, March was already then colder than usual. It was just that the snow had melted, the birds sang, and the sunsets had spring colours. It was more about wanting spring than actually seeing it, even if the first signs were there.

This is what it looked like on Tuesday night. After one hour of snowfall -- there came more later.

It continued to snow throughout Wednesday (see below). Doesn't feel like spring anymore, now does it? Well, some of it melted today and the sky was sort of blue towards the evening so it doesn't feel like midwinter again. Just a slow spring.

I'm not saying I'm tired of snow. I just want some more green, sun and temperatures that aren't subzero. More of the first photo, less of the last (both taken midday). Is that too much to ask in mid-March?


  1. All the flowers are just sleeping under the snow!

    1. Yes, that's a comfort to know, but I still miss seeing them. :) And they probably won't pop up again soon: I just read that there's been issued a blizzard warning for tonight...


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