Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bead shop map updated -- yay me!

Guess what I finally managed to do today? I've updated the Swedish Bead Shop Map! Long overdue so it feels good to have it done. Sure, there are a few minor things I should do that I never did (update the info on each shop to not include their range unless it's a speciality store, check open hours), but that's not really important compared to what I managed to do: add new shops and remove those that have closed up.

And I've changed the markers. I think you can tell what kind of colours I like... Honestly, the colour scheme just happened: the orchid/mauve markers wher actually going to be green or turquoise to keep with our original palette, but the colours where just too similar. Amongst the colours left to use, this was the one I was the most drawn to.

You can find the map, which also include links to lists of swedish webshops, here.

By the way, I'm always interested in feedback from visitors who don't speak swedish as I do get a few of those. Is it a usable resource for non-swedes? What can be done to make the map easier to understand? (Save actually write the info on each shop in english -- sorry, it's a map mainly targeted at swedes and swedish will remain the language of the site.) Is there any additional information a foreign visitor to Sweden might like to have in order to prepare for their bead shopping here? Should I perhaps add a short vocabulary so you understand that at least one shop is wholesale (to the public) only as I'm unsure about whether Google Translate can translate the info boxes on the map? If you have a suggestion, tip or question, just let me know. In the comments or you can contact me privately through the contact page.

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