Saturday, 9 March 2013

March bead soup palette

March equals spring so for this month's palette I wanted to toss together some light, bright colours. From sober (the muted february palette) to sunny.

This is a really simple mix with a favourite of mine in the Swarovski range: padparadscha, which is a kind of pink peachy tone, as delicious and juicy as tropical fruit. It's also a great colour as it goes together with all the usual metal colours of jewellery findings, from silver to antiqued brass. For this particular mix, however, it'd be best to stick to shiny silver or gold to bring out the brightness and lightness of the beads.

And, by the way, the transparent topaz can be substituted with gold (plate) for those who prefer a more opaque and solid yellow hue.

Padparadscha is a versatile colour that suits many different palettes and seasons. For an autumn version, you can use an earthier green such as olivine or khaki and substitute e.g. light colorado topaz or lime for the yellow topaz.


  1. Padparadscha!! I didn't know it was the name of a real gem stone. What a cool color!!

    Beautiful palette!

  2. Lovely fresh Spring palette. Interesting to see the Autumn version too. Milka


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