Sunday, 24 March 2013

Maneki's bead blog February recap

Ok, Janurary recap finished, now it's time to get through February too. And then next week, March will be the last month I do a monthly instead of (bi)weekly recap as I will have caught up by then.

In february I featured everything from new beads and children's jewellery sizes to pinwheel jewellery and cat hair beads.

Cat hair beads and jewellery
Did you know that there are books on cat hair crafting? And did you know that they include jewellery projects and beads? Well, now you do. (Inspirational also for catlovers who prefer to make wool felt jewellery.)

Oozing technique
Oozing is a fun technique for friendly plastic where either patterns are made by pressing lace or mesh onto warm FP or pendants are made by pressing FP into filigree or piercework pendants.

Soutache earring contest
New contest from spanish bead shop Beads Perles.

Bow loom woven bands with beaded edges
Learn how to make these pretty bands or ribbons with seed beads on the warp.

BeadStuds and Pyramid Spikes
New beads presented by York Beads: the square spike and the square glass bead "studs".

How to add lining and zippers to beadwoven purses
A lining in your beaded purse or bag adds a professional finish as well as being practical.

February bead soup palette
Monthly bead mix that's also been posted on this blog.

Broomstick lace bracelet
Broomstick lace is a crochet lace that lends itself well to fiber bracelets.

Metal clay jewellery wanted for books
American publisher Lark is looking for metal clay and metal/polymer clay creations to showcase in two new books.

Children's jewellery sizes
Size charts for necklace and bracelet sizes for kids.

Pinwheel jewellery
Use a simple pinwheel design to create felt, textile, metal, clay or paper jewellery.

International Charm Day 2013
Get ready for the International Art Charm Day in April.

Project for leather and suede lace leftovers
Make a cute pendant or bezel in "suede/leather lace for mosaic".

How to set cubic zirconia in lampwork glass
Learn how to successfully set cz in hot glass.

Roses and crystals
See a romantic ad campaign from Swarovski Elements.

Shopping for neons
Some tips on where to go for neon beads and jewellery supplies.

Locket clasp
What a clever idea: a box clasp with a locket. Unfortunately only one design and it's religious so it doesn't fit all jewellery.

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013
Read about next season's trend colours -- season that's more unisex than usual. As usual featuring both men's and women's report.

Year of the Snake
Happy New Year! Projects and inspiration for those of you who want to create something to commemorate the new year, according to east asian tradition.

FMG Seed Bead Contest
It's all about Seed Beads in FMG's latest jewellery design contest.

Druzy imitations
How to create beautiful druzy imitations. 

Perles et Dent'Elles flower necklace contest
Join the latest beadweaving contest at international blog Perles et Dent'Elles.

Anchor bracelets
How to create the anchor-and-cord bracelets that keep floating around on Pinterest.

Swarovski Elements Innovations Spring/Summer 2014
The lastest colours and shapes from Swarovski for next year's spring and summer season.

The CzechMates family is getting bigger
Starman has added some new shapes to their CzechMates 2-hole bead collection. After the tile comes brick, lentil and dagger.

Bead in bead
How to make a clay bead-in-bead or ball-in-cage using wax or water-soluble materials.


  1. Great blog! I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I'm looking forward to the reveals too (just glad I'm in the third reveal that that there's still plenty of time left as I'm far from finished!).


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