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Maneki's bead blog January recap

As perhaps some of you have noticed, I haven't done any recaps of what I've written over on my other blog this year. It wasn't intentional and at time I remembered, but had other things to do. The recaps are really just a way to lend a helping hand to anyone who doesn't speak swedish, but would be interested in the things I write about or link to at Manekis pärlblogg. As most of the tutorials and webpages I like to are in english, the language isn't necessarily a problem.

It's a little something I've been doing since december 2009. It's not perhaps my most popular blog feature, but sometimes it does generate a little traffic. And I like it so I'm not intending to give it up. So today I'll write two catch-up post: one recap for january and one for february. As usual I'm putting a break before the list so it won't take up too much space.

As usual I list the blog posts from newest to oldest with each headline being a link to the post in question. I may skip out-of-date contests, challenges and news in these recaps.

Raku enamelling
How to make torch- or kiln-fired raku enamelling.

Kasut manek -- Peranakan Chinese beaded slippers
Learn about the tradition of the colourful bead embroidered slippers and admire the work behind each piece.

Choosing colours in findings
An article by Brandi Hussey helps you to pick the right metal findings for your jewellery.

Charmed Leather Cuff
Add jump rings to a leather cuff and hang charms from them.

Suffragette jewellery
Learn about the facts and myths about jewellery worn by supporters of women's right to vote.

Perl'fection bead magazine
Perl'fections is a new belgian beading magazine (written in french) featuring beaders and jewellery makers from around Europe and the world.

Nailpolish jewellery and cabochons
Nailpolish can be used to colour metal and glass in jewellery-making. With all the available effects and finishes it can result in cool and colourful jewellery.

Making holes in plastic
Different ways of making holes in hard plastic, from drilling to piercing it with a hot needle.

New cotton pearls
Japanese cotton pearls are usually rare vintage beads, but now Miyuki offers modern versions.

Bead Star 2013
The Beadwork magazine contest is now international and juried.

Participate in Goldkuhl's art project
Swedish artist Shora Goldkuhl's latest project centers around beading a wall in a Stockholm restaurant.

Molds and texture plates with natural patterns
Use leaves, fronds, shells, wood and more to create pendant molds and texture plates for clay.

Chenille stitch
Chenille looks like 3-drop netting, but is a herringbone variation.

Reuse and upcycle jewellery -- a summary
A summary of blog posts about creating new things from old or broken jewellery.

Olga Arsentieva's "curly bead jewelry"
Olga shows you her technique for creating bead-woven jewellery over plastic templates.

Rulla and Bi-Beads
Two similar new 2-hole glass beads.

Aussie e-mag
Digital Beading Australia is a new e-magazine for beaders.

Bookmarks made with jewellery
Use components from broken or old jewellery to make beautiful bookmarks.

January monthly bead soup
Bead mix that's also been published on this blog.

Glass and the EU lead ban
EU will -- after already having banned cadmium and nickel -- ban lead in jewellery and lampworkers and glass fusers now have to figure out which glass they can no longer use.

Still current posts
A list of then still current blog posts from 2012. Some are even today current.

Most read 2012
Which were the most popular blog posts of 2012?

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