Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Maneki's bead blog recap weeks 16-17

As usual I've managed to round up my posts from my beaders' and jewellery makers' blog. After the break, you can read more about everything from new contests, bead humour, creative projects, interesting magazines and bead info. And of cause, a call for all swedes to help me create a list of shops/groups/people/places that offer local bead meets, courses, workshops etc.

Tips on local bead meets/retreats and courses/workshops in Sweden wanted
Long title that says it all. If you know of a shop, group, organisation or person offering anything of the above (in Sweden), please help me spread the word to them.

Create with two-hole beads
I've got a 2-hole bead desings pinboard on Pinterest full of projects and inspiration for those wanting some ideas for what to do with their multiple-hole beads (includes superduos, twins, czechmates, rulla beads, piggy beads, bi-beads, tila etc).

Adjustable chain bracelet from Skye
A tutorial from Skye's create chaos showing you a smart solution to adjustable chain bracelets without extension chains.

Metalsmith magazine
Metalsmith is a magazine published by Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG).

New american bead magazine
Bead-it today is a new US beading/jewellery making magazine that recently launched its premier issue.

Caviar beads
Caviar beads are tiny no-hole plastic beads often used on garments (onto which they're glued to heat set), but also in the so called fish egg manicures.

New swedish beading contest
Swedish bead shop has announced their latest contest themed facets.

Bead soup palette of the month
The april bead mix that has also been published on this blog.

Bead funnies
More bead-related humour (this time focusing on those ecards you keep seeing on e.g. Pinterest).

Tips for the DIY brides and grooms
You want to create your own bridal jewellery/accessories, but have never made jewellery before? Let me give you some tips on where to start (what you need and where to learn) and some suggestions on places to go for projects and ideas.

Nepal/biva chain
How to stitch a nepal chain aka biva chain.

Bead filled jewellery
Make pendants, bangles and more by filling mini bottles, transparent hoses, hollow beads etc with beads.

Steel cuts
Learn more about antique/vintage steel cut beads.

New deadline for Showcase 1000 beads
Call for submissions from publisher Lark, who wants to see your best handmade art beads.

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