Monday, 20 May 2013

Digital doodle: sunset in May

I haven't done many digital doodles lately so I thought I'd just show one I made last weekend. The original image is of the view north by sunset, overlaid with two different textures (one a cobweb-covered window, the other a greenhouse glass pane) and some added frost to the sides. Kind of remind me of a painting. Perhaps one of Peter Frie's?

That's one out of three version I made from that one photo. And the only one with white edges, the other two were both darker, one more of a night scene than a twilight scene.

Below is another one I made using one of the fern photos in the sunday post.  Just for fun as I felt like playing with colours. Don't know if I can get something useful out of it, but I must say I like how the leaves on the sapling in front of the fern look as well as the mixed plants in the lower right corner. That reminds me of a book cover of some sort. Don't remember which, but probably a combination of several different ones (the colours in one, the style in another). Not like I copied or had a purpose to create something inspired by those book covers, more like I stopped when I got to a point where I found something to like in the image and that happened to remind me of the covers.

Maybe I should've cropped the left side? The mottled ground distracts a bit from the plants.

I used to love vignettes and dark edges, but lately it's been pretty even between doodles with dark edges and doodles with fog/white edges. Do prefer the mysterious darkness to the more romantic mist, but sometimes it can help creating a pretty washed-out feeling. It makes quite a difference -- as you can see here -- so it's a good thing to not just slap on the same old frame just out of routine, but instead reflect on what is the better choice for this particular image or doodle.

(PS! As I'm not actually home today, well at least not for large chunks of the day, I haven't picked out any cat photos for today. This is just a quick post I did yesterday when editing the fern and flower photos posted then and scheduled for today. So it'll be a Meowy Tuesday instead.)

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  1. Wow! I love the purples and green pic. I think the mottled part is ok, making the picture balanced. I know what you mean by distraction, though. If I crop the pic and just look at the part with the plants, it looks like a picture in it's own right. The feathery structure and the purplish colour of the ferns look exciting. Milka


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