Friday, 10 May 2013

May bead soup palette

I don't normally show the monthly bead mixes on this blog first, but this month's an exception.

For May I went with a simple, cool colour combo using sand (which is a cold beige), icy sage and purple with hints of rose. Two of the three bead colours are pretty expensive, but there are many other similar shades that are more humane price wise.

As usual the beads have been selected from my limited (hey, everything is relative and it's very limited in my eyes!) seed bead stash so I didn't really choose between matte or shiny surfaces, it just happened. I this case, though, I it feels like the colours look very good in a silky matte finish.

Now, I do realise that we all have our favourite colours and than some colours and combos keep popping up even though I try to vary my palettes. This time it was purple again and in many ways it's a muted -- sun bleached, perhaps? -- version of the november palette of last year or a cooler version of the pink-and-green june palette. Heck, it might even be similar to the december palette when you think about it. What can I say? My bead stash is dominated by certain colours, but I am trying to broaden my views. But I rarely buy beads based on them matching beads I already have -- especially seed bead purchases are just about my falling in love with a nuance. And sometimes I get an idea for a palette using bead colours I don't have, but can't really justify shopping for colours or bead types I rarely use just because I want to create another palette.


  1. Yes, falling in love with a nuance -- that's it exactly!

  2. My colour favourites are very much the same as yours. Lucky me! I love sage. Now I'll try find the lovely seeds you have combined here with the beautiful sand colour I already have. Milka


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