Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sköna maj välkommen -- it's spring, it's green

It's finally come, the green and warm spring came with Valborg.

But first, let's set the mood right. The blackbirds -- and all the rest of the birds -- are singing every day and night (and I just saw the first bat of the year the other night! Yay!), which included yesterday when I took these pics. So let's add some birdsong, courtesy of  P2-fågeln.

Lyssna: Koltrast (Turdus merula)

 It was a really sunny day, which you can see in many of the photos below: the shadows were unbelievably sharp and dark -- and the grass unbelievably green. Then the sun sank into some clouds above the horizon so I'm afraid some of the latter photos turned out rather dark. But hopefully you can still see the landscape.

 (That's Halland in the background, on the other side of the Laholm bay/Laholmsbukten.)


 As you can see it's mostly the land that's green right now and not many of the trees. Something that's even more visible the the below photos.

 And of cause I had to get some boats on the photos. Big boats by the look of it.

 But we'll finish with something with a more serene colour palette. The sun beginning to set as I took two photos of the landscape with Kullen and Kullaberg in the horizon.

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