Monday, 6 May 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

The other day, when I took these photos, I of cause had two assistants with me. And it was as usual Uggi and Julls. Of the two, Uggi spent a lot of time running up trees while Julle was more interested in posing for photos.

 That's Uggi in the tree top. Not the highest tree he's been up, but still a long way down for a kitten. In the photo below, he's already on his way down: he was higher up in the above photo.

Another pic of Julle posing on a rock. And below one of him running along a stone wall. For some reason they preferred to run/walk on the wall to running on the ground. Walls are more fun, perhaps? Or why do I even ask -- everyone who's ever been a kid knows that it's more fun to walk/balance on a wall than to walk on plain ground! And for cats there's the added bonus of perhaps hearing a mouse or a vole among the stones.

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