Friday, 10 May 2013

Maneki's bead blog recap weeks 18-19

The cold is getting a bit better (and even more so, my throat which was horrible raw and sore this morning is better) so I thought that I might as well take the opportunity to post a recap already on a friday. Before forgetting as usual. Hope you find something of interesting to read on or via the posts!

It's time for another recap of what I'm blogged about on Manekis Pärlblogg, my blog for beaders and jewellery makers. This time subjects range from sustainable precious metal and jewellery art to silk ribbon projects and new swarovski colours to contests and cake.

All that and more after the break.

What is ecosilver and fairtrade gold?
Mining have devastating effects on environment and the health of the often very poor workers. Today you can find certified precious metal that is either guaranteed 100 % recycled or fairtrade and fairmined. Learn more about what this means.

PUSS 2013 -- registration is open
May 9 at 9 o'clock, the tickets to this year's national bead meet PUSS were released. (Puss means kiss in Swedish BTW.)

Simple silk ribbon jewellery projects
Silk (fairy) ribbons are perfect for simple designs. Here are a few ideas and projects to get you started.

Historic jewellery and beads online
Can't make it to the big jewellery exhibit in Stockholm? Check out the new related website from Nordiska museet that include not only the ca 1 000 items on display, but the full 10 000 items that make up their jewellery and bead collection. Everything from prehistoric beads to modern jewellery art with a focus on work from the 18th century up til today. You can either search for objects to read about the most significant pieces in a time line (tidslinjen) and selected special gems (guldkorn). Website mostly in swedish, but info in the tidslinje and guldkorn section also available in english.

Pearl jewellery in the arts
A blogger and Wikimedia rounds up lots of old artwork featuring women with pearls of all kinds, from royal portraits to 20th century scenes.

Current contests -- a summary
I've put together a short list of current, mostly international, design contest for beaders and jewellery makers: Crystal Glam 2013, Perles et Dent'Elles necklace challenge, Bead Star 2013, FMG Seed Beads competition, Fashion Colorworks, Facetter, British Bead Awards and Ugly Necklace Contest.

Ugly Necklace Contest 2014
Time again to start designing the ugliest necklace in the world in this unique design conest with a twist.

British Bead Awards
Despite the name, the contests are open to beaders worldwide.

May monthly challenges
The usual round-up of current monthly challenges.

Swarovski Elements Pre-Launch Fall/Winter 2014-2015
Swarovski made an unannounced pre-season release, which included new mesh ball beads, birthstone pavé beads -- and two new blends in crystal: Crystal/ Montana and Provence Lavender/Chrysolite.

Safety chains
Why adding a safety chain to your bracelet might be a good idea -- and how to do it.

Learn more about this gem, which range in colour from the iconic blue to e.g. padparadscha.

3D-printed jewellery
New technology gives designers new tools for creating jewellery. 3d printers are an interesting new and available technology that has already resulted in interesting jewellery.

Sweet jewellery cake decor
Create jewellery from sugarpaste, gumpaste, molten sugar and more to embellish your cakes, cupcakes and other pastry.

Morse code jewellery
Make bracelets and necklaces with messages hidden in the beads.

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