Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Meowy Monday on a tuesday: cat photos of the week

So here they are finally, my cats and wood anemones photos. This time I even managed to get a few pics of Jinja before Uggi attacked (unlike this day).

Crappy pic, but it just looked hilarious the way they both jumped up in the air -- high up in the air -- when Uggi surprise attacked Jisse.

 And finally, a blurry pic of Julle looking funny. :-)


  1. A sunny spring day with cats, play, flowers and smiles. The perfect frames for a photo session. The crappy pic is so funny. Not to mention the one where they are enjoying dirt baths! You managed to get some nice portraits of the cats, too. Milka

  2. Love those vitsippor-the Wood Anemone. Are they gone now? Leena

    1. Yes, they're gone now. My sis and I went up the hill and she spotted one that was left, wilting. Now it's instead filled with spots of pink as the summer flowers take over, not least the little rose-coloured vetch (vicker, Vicia). There's still spots of white too around the junipers, but it's no longer wood anemones. They've been replaced by chickweed wintergreen/arctic starflower (skogsstjärna, Trientalis europaea).


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