Monday, 13 May 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

I was going to show you some newer pics of cats and wood anemones, but then I found these pics taken one day when I was trying to get some nice sunset photos. As usual some of the cats wanted to go with me (using it as an excuse to play near the road, not just for the company). In this case I ended up with Julle and Uggi, the latter having that usual energy burst he gets in the evening. This time not running up a huge tree (I'll get back to that at the end of this post), but rather balancing on an old fence post. Many of the cats like that post.

That's Uggi on an easy-to-handle playful mode. He can be much more of a handful in the evenings, though, as you can see below.

As usual Uggi likes trees. Preferably big trees. Unfortunately, he doesn't just want to climb up them (and out on the smallest of branches) -- he sometimes thinks high up in a tree is a great place to play with another cat. And nowadays Uggi can be real wild so it's attacking and jump up behind cats, not just something more tree-friendly as lying on a branch trying to catch another cat's tail. No it's all "Julle, I'm going to run back and forth, hit you with my paws and consider attacking 3-4 metres up in a tree!!!!"

Uggi thought we were big bores when telling him off and not letting him play up in that canopy, both for his own sake and Julle's. He has no fear of heights at all that cat!

Update: Today my sis said Uggi climbed up the climbing rose on the barn wall. Apparently, se didn't give him enough attention when planting flowers. And, no, he didn't mind the thorn (nor was he hurt by them).


  1. I think Uggi looks like being laden with energy. Like electrified. Very funny. Milka

    1. Then you would see what we experience: he's so full of energy, especially in the evening. It's almost unbelievable sometimes. Luckily as he's gotten older, he's found Julle to be a good playmate so at least he's got someone to play with again (of cause we play too, but we get tired too fast and can't be attacked like other cats, Uggi says).

      Personally, I really liked seeing Julle in these photos and how he keeps trying to look at Uggi without turning around.


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