Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Meowy Wednesday I guess

Ok, I'm behind on many things right now as we pretty much out of the blue started harvesting last week, meaning I had to change many plans -- and get used to getting up at 6 in the morning. 6 in the morning is not a time that exist according to me! And then on top of that I've caught a summer cold. Ordinary people get colds when it is cold, I instead have now gotten two colds when the weather got warm. Summer, sun -- and a cold.

So if you're waiting for me to reply on a comment or an e-mail and wonder why I haven't, that's why. I'm on it now. I hope. We're having a day off today to let the potatoes grow a bit so this is a rest-and-catch-up-on-the-same-time day. And one way I'm catching is by finding some cat photos to post. It's mostly been cat photo blog posts lately it feels like. Hopefully I'll be mixing it up a bit more soon.

 Well, at least I've got some new pics for you. Taken today. Uggi was hiding in the grass and he was so cute I tried to get some photos of him. Which worked pretty good although he saw me sneaking up on him and decided to attack first. Then he found Knatti and I could take a few more close-ups.


  1. I hope you labourers get to taste these early potatoes. Yes, there's been a lot of kitties here. I love it! But I'm eager to see what you're up to with the lovely leather you're shown us. Leena

    1. There's no lack of cats on the internet and I'm happy to help add to the count. :) Fingers crossed -- I'm hoping to be able to share the result of the leather cords this weekend as we're free until at least Monday as the potatoes had to be sprayed with fungicides and there's a certain period you have to wait after that so there's no pesticide residues left on the potatoes.

      Yepp, free potatoes comes with the job. I've never been that fond of it, it's more the ritual of eating new potatoes with pickled herring and sourcream at midsummer's eve that I love, but one never say no to free food (especially not when you're poor). Sometimes we give them away to others that haven't had the opportunity to try the primeurs yet.


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