Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maneki's bead blog recap weeks 20-21

It's that time again: the biweekly summary of the posts I write on my beaders' and jewellery makers' blog, Manekis pärlblogg. This time the posts range from miniature jewellery projects, beading with multi-coloured thread and butterfly jewellery to contests, novels about beads and the medicinal history of pearls.

Miniature jewellery
Learn how to make tiny jewellery for dolls and dollhouse interiors/minature displays.

Beads on a string
You can buy all sorts of strung beads, from the beaded wire at the florist's to braided embroidery floss with seed beads at the scrapbook shop. While the quality of the beads isn't always the higest, it can be fun and useful products.

Hemslöjden's embroidery contest
The Swedish Handicraft Society is having an embroidery contest, wanting to see embroideries that can save the world (e.g. through choice of materials, messages, functions, recycling, techniques etc).

Pearls as medicin
Since ancient times, pearls have been though to have magical and medicinal powers.

Beautiful silk ribbons
I recently bought some lovely hand-painted silk ribbons with metallic speckles from Quintessence Silk Art. See photo above.

Toho Takumi and Reflection
Toho have two new products to show: the large-hole 11/0 seed bead called Takumi and the reflective colour-lined seeds Reflection.

New tips & tricks pinboard
If you follow me on Pinterest you've already seen my latest pinboard, Beading and jewellery making tips & tricks. It will include many ideas, techniques and clever solutions that might not end up on the blog (though some things will end up in both places).

Humblebeads' call for submission
Heather of Humblebeads want to see your projects in her new publication. Create a project using one or more of her best-selling beads for a chance to win a gift certificate in her shop.

Beading with multi-coloured thread
Tips, ideas and suggestion for combining transparent beads and multi-coloured stringing materials in bead crochet (and knitting), bead embroidery, bead knotting, stringing etc.

Beaders in novels
Did you know there are several novels written about beaders?

Paper butterfly jewellery
Create pretty summer jewellery using paper.

The history of the universe in jewellery
In the US, you can find an obeservatory with an unusual jewellery exhibit. Kara Knack has used her jewellery collection to illustrate the history of the universe, from Big Bang up til today.

Cookson Gold Games
Cookson Gold are having a gold ticket sale with chances to win all sorts of things -- plus a design contest. Deadline may 31.

May bead palette
This inspirational monthly bead soup palette have already been published on this blog.

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