Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bead blog recap week 7

This week on Manekis Pärlblogg.

Spring jewellery contest
New contest at Swedish bead shop Mixxit.

Chain necklace with interchangeable pendants
Simple tutorial on how to make a chain necklace without clasp. Pendants attached using lark's head knots.

Pin vise
A useful and somewhat versatile tool, not least used by wireworkers.

Keeping up with the blog
How you can follow the blog in different ways, from RSS subscriptions to daily e-mails and Google Friends Connect.

Woven fiber bracelets
"Weave" patterned wool or embroidery-floss bracelets -- a technique also suitable for children if they aren't too young. Also include variations using plastic lanyard lace or wire.

Horse-hair jewellery
How to use horse hair to make braided necklaces and, foremost, bracelets. Also includes examples of jewellery using horse hair for accents.

Coral -- sustainable or threathened?
Corallium, species of coral commersially used in jewellery, may soon end up on CITES's Appendix II. There are different view on whether this is a good thing or not -- even if coral is unethical to use in jewellery.

Ethical dilemmas for beaders
At the blog Jewelry & Beading, you will find a "mini series" devoted to ethical dilemmas beaders may face sometime, called What would you do?.

Beaded Treasures book review
Review of Robin Atkin's book Beaded Treasures -- Finger Woven Bracelets, Necklaces, Tassels & Straps.

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